Clean Slate: A List

If there’s one thing people need to know about me, I am a sucker for lists. I’m not OC but I just feel a certain sense of satisfaction every time I make lists. It can be anything – to do lists, lists of things I need to pay or buy, blog lists. And yes, this post will contain one of those lists (of rambles or rants) that I regularly do.

1 I have recently moved to a new home… again. This is, by far, my third move in a span of two years. I find it very convenient how this place is just right across where I work and I can wake up twenty minutes before my shift… and still manage to be late, of course. Lol. I especially like my room because it is made of wooden floors, has the right thermostat, and has almost everything screaming IKEA.

I am still way too far from getting a mortgage but I will definitely have a room looking like this one when I get to have my own home one day.

2 At 26, I am still figuring everything out. I like how everyday is a day of learning for me even at this age. I like how I am learning life and not just concepts out of a textbook. I have recently learned how to correctly open a can (hey, don’t judge) with a can opener, found out the right setting for tumble-drying my clothes without compromising their quality, appreciated the beauty of wearing heels and dressing up once in a while, and figured out that I can actually talk (and not just small talk) to people.

3 Every time people from this part of the globe outright appreciate my accent and grammar, I cannot help but be kilig and grateful for my academic upbringing. I will forever be proud to have grown up in and studied for 13 years at an institution that actually taught me to speak and write correct English. I might not have been gifted with Math skills but I know for sure I can use English to save my life.

4 At 26, I often get remarks like ‘Why are you still single?’ – mostly coming in a non-obnoxious way from genuinely concerned people at least. The answer is… well honestly, I cannot pinpoint the exact reason. But people must also note that, at 26, I enjoy being single. I have recently rediscovered what they call dating (or something close to it). Lol, a bit late I know. I am still single but I’ve been dating. I will leave this here for now. Plus, I have the most fabulous girl friends to fill the void with shopping!

5 If I were asked to make a list of things that excite me, will it be weird if it consists of: fresh laundry, Pinterest ideas for homemaking, cheese platters, IKEA (yes, I am now a solid believer), cooking meals?