Happy Birthday, Mart!


Hello, girl. Today, I went to the German Market which is a twenty-minute tram ride from our place just so I can have a bratwurst (which is one of your favorites, right? Hehe) on your birthday. If I haven’t said it yet, I really am impressed with your good taste. This sausage was very savory I swear I kept closing my eyes as I was taking it in and couldn’t get enough of it. I’m sure you do too every time you eat this sausage (or any kind of sausage for that matter).

But anyway, since our friendship is not solely based on what we put in our mouths, I’ll try to make this birthday message more meaningful for you.

Happy Birthday, Mart! We’ve gone a long (even longer than this sausage) way from our Multiply days and I’m grateful that, despite the few misunderstandings we had during the early years of this friendship (aka that time you pointed me to the street kids who were begging for our take out hehe), we’ve stuck with each other. You are obviously one of my constants and I’m not sure how I would have kept my sanity in check in the last few years (especially last year) without you regularly updating me on Viber and reminding me of things I was not capable of figuring out on my own (eg like how the hell two people are just friends if they talk or message each other on a daily basis hehe). I know we don’t get to spend as much time deciphering screenshots and decoding people’s words and actions to the extremes as we used to because life has gotten in the way but please know I’m always online (as in talaga, girl) for whatever work-related or friend-related rants you need to let out. I’m also proud of how you’re chasing after your dreams and I have no doubt that you’ll get  wherever you intend to go soon (with us, in Brazil hehe).

Enjoy today, girl! Love you! Miss you!