You are Lizquen but ILYS

Hi, Musay!

Welcome to my blog – where I have decided not so long ago to post special messages for special people on their special days. Obviously, that list includes you!

Happy Birthday, Mus! I have only one wish for you and that is that you get to take a break soon. I have figured, from our most recent catch up last weekend, this is something you deserve so I hope one day soon, you will allow yourself to have that.

I know how it feels to be stressed at work. As you said, it makes you almost want to throw up. I have felt that way more than once too, trust me. But knowing you to be strong, I have faith you’ll get through this – just like that time you cried after a Geometry test. Haha.

Enjoy your 25th year, Mus! We don’t get to hang out as often as we would want to but that doesn’t mean I appreciate and love you any less. Also, happy adulting!

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