You are Lizquen but ILYS

Hi, Musay!

Welcome to my blog – where I have decided not so long ago to post special messages for special people on their special days. Obviously, that list includes you!

Happy Birthday, Mus! I have only one wish for you and that is that you get to take a break soon. I have figured, from our most recent catch up last weekend, this is something you deserve so I hope one day soon, you will allow yourself to have that.

I know how it feels to be stressed at work. As you said, it makes you almost want to throw up. I have felt that way more than once too, trust me. But knowing you to be strong, I have faith you’ll get through this – just like that time you cried after a Geometry test. Haha.

Enjoy your 25th year, Mus! We don’t get to hang out as often as we would want to but that doesn’t mean I appreciate and love you any less. Also, happy adulting!

Happy Bdee to You

Hi, Bds. You’re probably wondering why I dragged you to this site. Well, I’ve been doing this thing where I post my birthday greetings here instead of Facebook for a month now. Haha. So if you don’t have the time and patience for this, then you’re most likely going to finish reading this by the time you’re done with your post graduate internship.

Anyway, the three of us know how you have very limited time (for everything) so I’ll try to do what I can to keep this message simple and somehow, still worth remembering for when we part ways one day.

Happy Birthday, Bdee! This might not be the first time I say this but: I am still so glad I found a friend in you in the first few weeks of class. I normally don’t open up that easily to new people but you made me do it – what with the eye contact and the silent agreeing to noncorny jokes and grammar slips. I guess it’s safe (but seemingly wrong lol) to say that our innate judgmental tendencies have brought us together.

Thank you for being literally there with the other girls when the world seemed to come after me. And although I’m not wishing any of you would get to experience that nightmare someday, know that I’ll be here willing to return the favor – by bringing you a week’s worth of groceries too!

My only other hope is that, despite the rudeness of this world, you remain as you are especially when you finally get to be Doc Bdee one day. Working in the hospital offers the possibility of making you feel all kinds of crazy but please don’t let that get the best of you. And please, be kind to the nurses. Haha.

Enjoy the start of your 25th year, Bds! I can’t wait for you to be my (or one of) my OB one day. For now, let’s keep chasing our dreams.