Fen-te Singko

Dear Fen,

Happy Birthday! I know we don’t get to hang out often but I’m glad that when we do, there is never an air of awkwardness and I can still poke your boobs when I feel like doing so.

You’re 25 and have been to so many places I never had the courage to travel to. I’ve always admired your guts to leave this little city and breathe air where it’s probably fresher whenever you feel like it. I hope one day, we get to share trips too (making a mental note to put that on my bucket list)!

I know you are going to reach places (literally hahaha and figuratively, of course). I guess we just have to be patient and work with the Universe to get us where we ought to be (and that means dealing with long queues and shitty personalities at PRC).

I guess all I’m saying is, 25 looks kind of scary and though we don’t get too talk about it a lot, I think you also have days when you feel so clueless about the future just like me. But I guess we just need to learn to get through. As always.

Please know that you can always message me in case of quarterlife crisis. See you on Saturday?


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