Happy Berday

Hi, Happy!

Today, I am celebrating with you in spirit. You’ve always been one of the constants in my life and I truly appreciate the countless times you’ve taken the extra mile (or miles) for the sake of this friendship – from bearing with the shitty Manila traffic to meet me to being one of the first and most genuine persons to cry with and comfort me during that difficult time last year.

Despite hating your one-word replies (cos gosh, Haps, only mothers are supposed to get away with ‘K’ for a text message!!) and your volleyball schedules, I’ve realised over the years that you are truly that one friend who is worth sticking with no matter what. You have always been incredible at being my friend, my source of information haha, my motivator (especially when it comes to crushes that are, of course, out of my league) and I don’t think I can find a replacement for you cos you’ve filled in so many job positions in my life already.

Happy Birthday, Happy! I am so glad your dream is almost within reach – just a few more kembot in law school! I know you will do amazing in court one day. If you need an extra push towards that direction, always know I’m here to give you any advice (that could be harsh) that you might need. Love you!


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